Trade freelancer Terms & Conditions: violation
1- We are Deal Victor safe market place growing up company in India. We are under developing the more required features on website to provide buyers and freelancers more comfort communication platform for the solutions. We have all required features that can help you to contact between freelancer and buyer during the job completion. If anything wrong between both party our support team available 24*7 to solve the matter.
Deal Victor provides Free of cost registration on the website. You also can list your service for your local area customers (Leads) absolutely FREE.

2- User are allowed to work with only their own account id and they can’t use multiple account to get projects online or find freelancers to work for same project. If we will find same info like address or telephone number we may terminate account permanent from website or may we can charge penalty for this or suspend the user account for some time.

3- You both party (Buyer and freelancer) should be very honest to their words during the deal project if we will find any kind of different words after done or middle in the running project, we will help to right person.

Buyer:-Registration & Start project
A-Buyer must have to be register with his right identity and payment method. You must have to open milestone before to start the project with shortlisted freelancer. We are here to take care of your fund if you deposited for the project as screw. In the case if freelancer not able to finish the task, you can login dispute against the deposited milestone. We will check all the discussion agreement between you and freelancer and milestone will be released to right person. You both parties must have to reply for the issue against the incomplete project if dispute open. Buyer always owner of the milestone (screw) until project is not done and delivered buy the freelancer. Many times if you feel after award the project and open milestone, freelancer stop reply about the work updates, you can direct contact us ( and we will refund you milestone on your account within 24 hrs if user failed to reply.

B- We recommend to buyers don't release any cost as advance milestone before see any progress of the project, if you will release any advance milestone you should wait hold fund until settle the issue. You are fully secure if you follow to start project process.
C- Buyer we never accept proof of copy, screen-shots or voice call recording for the discussion about the deal project out of our website like skype, telephonic conversation or personal email conversation. The proofs are acceptable regarding the project if you have any issue with your service provider you must send us screen-shots of chat history our project message board or your post project detail on our website.
D- It’s not allowed to buyer if freelancer asking you to release fund out of deal Victor, if we find such violation of terms & conditions we may limited your account until inquiry about this reason. So recommend you please pay safe and only communicate through the website message board. We will sure help you to get back your fund if freelancer wants to cheat/scam you.
F- Buyer’s not allowed to share personal contact detail if freelancer asking you to discuss about the project out of our website you may got cheated or get fool buy the thief as you know in the world all kind of people are seeking such men who ready to pay for nothing. Please keep safe your work and money with your smartness to avoid such men’s and follows the website rules.

Please contact us if any freelancer using abuse words or he don't talk with you professionally, we will warn him to correct his words and we will charge penalty for such mistake. We trying all our best to provide you find very professional service provider high skilled and have capacity to done the project on time and under your budget.
h-After done the project please check very carefully the requirement was delivered you, as per your needs and pay to service provider according to the agreement was deal during the start work between you and freelancer. It may be easier to find you right service provider next time because the freelancer how was worked for you. He surely rate you 5 stars and leave good comment. Your behavior with freelancers will help us to provide you professional freelancer every time. Your effort will be fever on our good service providing for all upcoming new buyers.
Freelancer you must have to be register on our website with your correct identity and address with contact detail. We will take a live interview call on skype to verification or submit your address proof and identity to verify account. Documents should be clear visible to verify the account otherwise we may put on hold to submit information again. During the verification you will be able to start biding on projects; withdrawal request will be hold until the account verified by our department.
Before accept the project asks for the escrow milestone agreed cost for the project awarded by buyer. Make safe and secure project by asking open milestone in advance deposition for the certain project you going to start and it will be only release by the buyer after done and satisfaction. Like this if buyer not reply after finish the project or he don't want to pay u after get the delivery, you can file the dispute and we will offer client time duration to reply for the reason. If client would not reply on dispute you will be the winner of milestone.

Deal Victor website is very restrict about the freelancers who asking advance released milestone before start the work. If you will do like this and buyer contact us about this matter that you got released advance and you are failed to finish the project, we will refund milestone to the buyer account and project fee not refundable taken by the website on accepting project.
Deal Victor have option to work according to milestone after achieve the milestone work agreed with buyer u can ask for release. If buyer wants to finish first full project done and he deposited full milestone cost of project don't worry you will be get paid on completion. After done the project please ask from buyer to approve the project and then request to release milestone. Like this you will be getting paid buy buyer with good feedback (rating/reviews) and meet happy ending.
After done the project and approved by the buyer if milestone not released, you can login dispute and you will get paid by the buyer or our support team. Our support team is here 24*7 on-line to help the users to solve their issues. We also have the option to create a ticket for the specific reason and we will contact you within 24 hrs with solution.
Deal Victor never allows contacting your buyer personality out of website contact sources like email, skype, telephone etc. Remember we are providing you free offer to work with your buyer without get any charge of membership, we may active limited bids and you may lost this free offer. Regarding the dispute if u were contact your buyer forms other sources your proofs would not be acceptable and you may lost your winning chances. Deal Victor already given you option to discuss about the project on chat window and also you can communicate through the project message board to have all the discussion proof to prove your truth. Always discuss only the project topic with professionally don't use wrong abusing words it may affect your profile down by buyer or website administrator.
After finish the project first of all ask buyer to check his requirement was done and get approval before request milestone to release. Buyer will be very happy to rate you good comment and stars with recommend for other buyers. You also provide your feedback to buyer so that other freelancer also knows how he was with you till the project completion.